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Empowering sustainability and inclusivity, our ESG Augmented Reality Solutions leverage cutting-edge AR technology to achieve environmental, social, and governance goals.

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Advancing ESG Goals with Cutting-Edge AR Technology

At Purview Services, we are committed to achieving Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals through innovative technological solutions. Our dedication to sustainability and social responsibility drives us to create impactful, forward-thinking AR applications.

By harnessing the power of Augmented Reality (AR), we enhance both accessibility and operational efficiency. In partnership with Vuzix, we deliver groundbreaking solutions such as Glasses for the Blind, providing essential support for visually impaired individuals, and Remote Dental Checkup tools, enabling convenient and accessible remote consultations. Our In Ambulance Expert Remote Support system connects paramedics with specialists in real time, improving emergency medical care. Additionally, our AR solutions for Solar Panel Farm Maintenance and In Facility Expert Remote Support ensure sustainable and efficient industrial operations.

Purview Services is dedicated to driving ESG initiatives through the innovative use of AR technology, fostering a more inclusive, efficient, and sustainable world.​

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Augmented Reality Solutions for Better Environmental, Social and Governance

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Empowering the Visually Challenged with Advanced AR Solutions

At Purview, in partnership with Vuzix, we enhance the lives of visually challenged individuals with AR solutions like Text Reader, Scene and Face Recognition, Navigation, SOS, and Fall Detection, improving accessibility and independence while achieving ESG goals.

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Transforming Ambulance Care with AR Smart Solutions

Purview, partnered with Vuzix, revolutionizes healthcare. Our AR solutions enable doctors to guide paramedics in ambulances, optimizing emergency care delivery. This innovative approach enhances patient outcomes, aligning with ESG objectives through technology-driven solutions.

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Revolutionizing Healthcare with AR Smart Solutions

Purview, in partnership with Vuzix, transforms healthcare. Our smart solutions enable telemedicine and surgery viewing. With HD live-streaming and collaboration features, healthcare professionals provide better care, aligning with ESG goals through innovative technology solutions.

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Empowering Solar Farm Audits with Smart Solutions

Purview, in partnership with Vuzix, innovates solar farm auditing. Our smart solutions enhance efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability. By leveraging advanced technology, we align with ESG objectives, ensuring optimal performance in renewable energy initiatives.

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Elevating Manufacturing with Smart Solutions

Purview, in collaboration with Vuzix, transforms manufacturing processes. Our comprehensive smart solutions optimize production, enhance training, assure quality, enable mobility, streamline maintenance, and innovate inspection, advancing ESG goals for a sustainable industry.

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Enhancing Warehouse Efficiency with AR Solutions

Purview, partnered with Vuzix, advances warehouse productivity. Our AR smart solutions empower employees, reducing picking errors and enhancing efficiency. By optimizing operations, we contribute to ESG goals for sustainable warehouse management.