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DevOps Services and Solutions

Automate and coordinate software program improvement lifestyles cycle (SDLC) methods like improvement, security, testing, deployment with Purview, a DevOps answers provider.

Your webweb page have to feature nicely and feature minimum downtime. Partner with Purview to enforce your Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) approach:

  • Service-level objectives (SLO) for business goals
  • Service-level indicator (SLI) for success identifiers
  • Service-level agreement (SLA) for commitment to achieving success.

Purview DevOps Services and Cloud Expertise

Continuous Integration

Automated Deployement

Kubernetes/Cluster Management


Well Architected

AI/Ml Ops

Serverless/Cloud Native

Governance/ Policy as a code

Centralized Logging

Automation of security and compliance

Monitoring and escalation

Automated environment analysis

DevOps Consulting Services

Purview gives DevOps as a service, tracking initiatives from begin to complete throughout a whole lot of industries. We are operating in Finance, Travel & Hospitality, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Retail & Distribution amongst different industries.

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DevOps as a Service: Pipeline


Build Automation and Continuous Integration

New features implemented by developers are integrated into the central code base.

Test Automation

New versions of applications are continuously tested to ensure new features operated correctly

Deployment Automation

Deployement of new versions is automated allowing for reliable delivery of new functionality

Platform Provisioning and Configuration Management

Enables creation, maintenance and tear down of complete environments automatically or at the push of button.

Monitoring / APM / Observability

Gathering, storage and analysis of data reflecting vital parameters and behaviour of applications
A DevOps pipeline is a chain of workflow tasks. It includes numerous exclusive stages. Configuring every level as part of DevOps as a Service contributes to a easy and powerful shipping via SDLC.