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AI and ML

Purview is dependent on generation accomplices, which could construct efficient, automated, and correct structures using the present-day AI generation.

Why Work with Us

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science project methodology are significantly different from traditional software delivery projects.

Purview can help bootstrap AI capabilities or fill data and analytics gaps for companies that do not have the expertise internally or do not want to hire new talent until the benefits of AI are proven.

Purview focuses not only on research but also on delivering end-to-end solutions, starting with solution design, deployment of ML-model and ending with integration into the existing or newly developed client environment.

It requires companies to:

  • Adopt a new culture of collaboration between the business and data scientists
  • Build new infrastructure for big data and model deployment (often cloud-based)
  • Develop new data science and AI skills (such as NLP, computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, etc.)