Thermal imaging service to help businesses protect against the spread of COVID-19



1 st May 2020 | Denial management | Dental medical billing sevices | Revenue cycle management outsourcing | services and solutions | medical claims denial management

  • Purview Healthcare has launched new fever-screening solutions, using thermal imaging to identify individuals potentially suffering from COVID-19
  • The solutions are designed to support both businesses on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic such as hospitals, and those preparing to return to business post lockdown, such as retailers, venues and buildings with a significant number of employees
Purview Healthcare is helping businesses mitigate against the spread of Coronavirus with the launch of a new suite of fever-screening solutions. The solutions, which have been developed by adapting existing thermal imaging technology, quickly and easily identify individuals with a fever that may be symptomatic of COVID-19. This fever-screening technology is able to detect human temperatures to within an accuracy of 0.3ºC, raising the alarm to monitoring teams should it identify an individual with a fever.

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